How we started


Chef Vlad and Chef Jeff have achieved a lifelong dream of owning a small business and restaurant. Previously, they worked in the same mind-numbing office, where they hatched a plan to escape the everyday grind of office work. Their plan actually worked!  Now, they are doing what they love the most, and that is making food, owning a small business, having fun, and serving customers. Before their office jobs, they had many years of restaurant experience at Porcelli’s Bistro on East 6th, Parallax in Tremont, Brasa Grill on West 9th, Rustic Restaurant in Rocky River and Texas Roadhouse. With the mix of all these cooking styles and flavors, it all comes together at the 7th Floor Lunchroom.  Where No Sandwich is Left Behind! 

Corporate website: www.amerikrainefood.com